Monday, December 25, 2006

Old Saint Nicholas traditions

Last week in Romny, Sumy oblast, Ukraine we celebrated St. Nicholas - 19 December according to the Julian calendar that is in use in the Slavonic Orthodox churches.

St. Nicholas is celebrated with dances, sketches, poetry, food, music, jokes, drinks - in any possible order.

The municipality of Romny had invited the foreign guests, the pensioners from the school and school children to the town's vocational school for celebration. The typical food consisted of typical autumn and winter stuff like roasted pumpkin, new wine, and Guelder-rose berries (Kalina). The latter was not as much enjoyed by most guest as by the hosts.

After the performances and fortune telling were over, a rich dinner was served, consisting of delicious Ukrainian food, and nice drinks. And as the tradition has it, the partying, singing, drinking and dancing continued until late at night...

... some of the foreign guests were even tempted into joining the music and other local habits...

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