Monday, December 04, 2006



It appears that a university in US and A has scientific interest to make benefit of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan:

Few recent works of literature or film have made Eurasia as central and, perhaps, as flagrantly irrelevant to the American experience as Sacha Baron Cohen's hit film, Borat. In many respects this movie touches on key aspects of our discipline and expertise, and it also marks the distance that "Eurasia" has traveled in the American mentality since the appearance of other epoch-defining films (From Russia With Love, Doctor Zhivago, The Manchurian Candidate). Slavic Review invites its readers to submit contributions for a cluster of scholarly essays on Borat. Contributions may use the methodologies of any discipline so long as they relate in some substantial way to Borat and to interaction between Eurasia and the West.
Length should not exceed 5000 words. Contributions will be peer reviewed and must be received by the end of March 2007. If you have questions, please contact the editor, Mark Steinberg, at

(Slavic Review: Call for Papers: Borat: Eurasia, American Culture, and Slavic Studies)

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Jeroen Veenstra said...

Kijk, eindelijk een goede reden om aan een paper te beginnen. Zullen ze de specialisatie van Borat-kundige ook accepteren :)