Saturday, May 20, 2006

Russia wins the Eurovision

Russia will win tonight's finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. Why? Because Dima Bilan will get 10 or 12 points from the following countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Ukraine. You can listen to the winning entry here.

UPDATE: Ok, I give up. I did not know Armenia and Ukraine would be so good... Anyway: Hyvää Lordi, hyvää Suomi!

Voor analyses van het stemgedrag in de vml. Sovjet-Unie en de Westelijke Balkan zie hier, hier en hier.

De VVD is ook helemaal los.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Muumi, jij zou nu juist gelukkig moeten zijn. Finland boppe..

Jeroen said...

May the best monster win:)
Volgend jaar dan ...

CreditGal said...

People are sick of Eurovision. That is why monsters and freaks win.