Monday, April 03, 2006

Who is the real winner?

Western media like to stress that Yanukovych came out as the big winner of the elections in Ukraine. But is that really the case? It seems that the "blue" parties (Regions and Communists) together have gained almost the same percentage of votes as did Yanukovych in the re-run of the third round during the presidential elections in 2004. The so-called "Orange Coalition" (Tymoshenko, Our Ukraine, SPU) has the same percentage as Yuschenko had. The orange block seems to be more pluralistic, even if Yulia won most of the districts in the Heartland. Let's hope democracy will turn out to be the true winner!

The next days will show which of my friends in Moscow will earn the $10 they put on it :)

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Remco said...

To be absolutely clear: both Coen and I predict/predicted that Timoshenko will be the new prime minister. Oleg says she won't be, so we both bet for ten dollars with him. (Just to clarify who the real loser is...)

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