Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Borat does funny things with language in his movie. All titles used on screen are genuine Russian. But the US and A map seems to use a language that only looks like Russian. On the map the names are spelled even more phonetically than Russian already does and still it's not Kazakh.

The words he uses most often are Polish (Jagshemash = "Jak się masz") and (Chenquieh = "Dziękuję"), but apart from that he appears to speak colloquial Hebrew (actually slang if I should believe the comments from those who understand it). And Azamat Bagatov speaks Armenian - the actor (Ken Davitian) actually is Armenian. (Please note that богатый means wealthy in Russian).

The answer to the quiz was: Gagarin. He is the only one I did not spot in the movie. In case you saw it, here's where to find the other three: There is a green box of Belochka behind the windscreen of the van throughout the movie (it's on the left if the windscreen is seen from the front.) The other two images, the girl from the Pinguin commercial and the image of Aliyev appear when the movie is over (by far the most hilarious part).

Aliyev actually appears there as the president of Kazakhstan (pause) ...NOT!


coen van zwol said...

Huh? Wil je zeggen dat Sacha Cohen ook al het genie Harry Egipt had ontdekt?

Olaf Koens said...

Zeker! Bovendien, Ilham krijgt een mooie trap na. Er zaten nog drie lachende heren in de Haagse cinema na te genieten. De figuur Aliyev wordt wat opgeblazen, zweeft als een ballonnetje rondt en kleeft uiteindelijk aan de Kazachstaanse vlag vast.

Ik ben benieuwd of ze dat er uit knippen in Baku!