Saturday, September 09, 2006

LAV II - Active Saturday

If there is one city truly the mother of cities in central Europe, it'd be Vienna. Until recently that fact was expressed by having similar trams as in, let's say, Prague, Zagreb, or Budapest. While they are being replaced rapidly, it was worthwhile taking a picture. This one just arrived at the Praterstern station.

Vienna's largest and most famous park is the Prater, known for its Riesenrad (ferris wheel). The park was opened for public 240 years ago by the emperor. The amusement park where the ferris wheel is, is just a small part of the park.

From the Prater our cycling tour started, taking us towards the Donaustadt district. At the beginning we are still at the Hauptallee of the Prater.

At night there was a dinner in a vineyard on the edge of town (Nussdorf). Thanks to Ivana for the picture featuring some 50 years of AEGEE experience (Egens, Jos, Michiel, John) active from the early nineties.

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